Stringent guidelines as per The Gazette of India (Extraordinary) Part II – Section 3 – Subsection(ii) No. 416/S.O 617(E) dated 26th April, 2006 and Govt. of Karnataka, Home Dept. (Special) Notification on PSA(R) Act, 2005 form the basis for Selection and Training of guarding personnel. The training capsule for a new entrant comprises of a 20 days’ basic capsule including residential hard core training, physical conditioning, drill movements, maintenance of registers for visitors, vehicles, material, frisking, security procedures, fire fighting, etc. which is followed up from time to time with, on the job training schedules.


Before commencing operations, we confer with users to define Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Site & Post Instructions to avoid ambiguity. We conduct round the clock patrolling at irregular intervals to ensure efficiency and alertness while a Central Monitoring Station in Bangalore facilitates 24 x 7 monitoring and supervision across the country.


  Now a days Fire Safety has become an essential component of any Premise Security. We involve ourselves in building fire safety systems for our clients, who require standardized safety management solutions by taking into account of their objectives for statutory compliance, duty of care, protection of their employees and businesses.

  ARSS has in house facility for conducting training, covering all the aspects of Fire Fighting, being managed by experienced professionals trained from renowned institutes of Fire Fighting. The Safety and Fire Fighting training infrastructure has complete Mock training aids for practical training and handling.

  We conduct survey and audit for fire and safety aspects. We also conduct training for organizations to acquaint their staff in fire fighting drills, equipment and prevention.